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Little Harbor, Marblehead Office Expansion

In the Spring of 2023, Onboard Interiors purchased Hood Canvas. For 15 years Hood Canvas was located in Merrimac, MA. Onboard relocated all the inventory and equipment to Marblehead. In order to accommodate this expansion Onboard acquired more space in their existing location in Little Harbor, Marblehead. Our crew obviously enjoys redesigning spaces so we had some fun with this. The only not-so-fun thing was doing this during the Spring -Rush, we had a lot of late nights!

Before & During

Natural Light: One Lucky aspect for us, was the office next to us was vacant and we were able to knock through a wall. This allowed us to open up natural light from the front of the building with a water view to the existing wall of windows in the back. Perfect lighting for fine details and design! Coming through the wall added 1,000 square feet.

Flooring: The new space had flooring with carpet which is always a bad idea with workspaces, so we opted to replace it with vinyl plank flooring. A big benefit is that any damage can be easily pulled up and replaced and it is very easy to clean. We accented it with navy textured carpets to define spaces.

Paint and wallcoverings: We matched the existing paint of the old showroom to pull the spaces together. The far back walls both got fun adhesive (easy to remove and change) wallpaper which we knew would accompany the design boards. The individual office space received a navy textured wallcovering. Wall space is used to highlight collections of design boards, media, awards, and signage.

Window Treatments: We added custom blinds and drapery in water-inspired fabric in both front windows.

Library & Displays: The large front showcase window has a display boat filled with fabrics and pillows which is a beautiful backdrop for our conference table and easily seen from the outside from the first floor. The library was relocated to the front window area adjacent to a

customer-friendly bar/beverage & phone charging area.


Furnishings: The largest additions in terms of space are the Hood Canvas layout tables, machines with custom tables, shelving units, tools, and inventory. We had to reconfigure the tables to fit into the old and new space, and set up six machines! The 24ft stainless tubing for framing proved challenging to relocate and then store, but we built a custom shelving unit under the back windows! We also purchased new conference chairs with a lower back and a modern rope design to update the new design.

Patterns: 40 years of Hood Canvas patterns and 20 years of Onboard Interiors patterns now live happily under the 15 x10 foot layout table.

Parking: We have two allocated parking spots right in front of our door for customer-friendly use when carrying large items, fabrics, cushions, etc.

New Office Door: Hiding behind the new office door I found a hand-painted mural of a boat sailing…definitely a sign we should be there…it looks like an image of my Dad, so we posed next to it as a happy sign of good things sailing in!

With most of the projects delivered for Memorial Day, we could celebrate on June 8 during our Open House! Flags, sails, friends & co-workers, kids, games, snacks, refreshments, and fun!

After & Open House

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